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Social Media Marketing

Posting on your social networks.
Growing your brand and spreading your message with great content and conversation.

Don't Do It Alone

Hello Business Coaching

You have so many ideas.
You're ready to own your creativity.
You are starting your own business.
You need clarity and self-induced inspiration to move forward. 

Let's Make it Work

Sabrina’s Buzz

“I highly recommend Sabrina as your social networking guru, not only can she help build an audience of followers for you, they are the targeted group you wish to reach because Sabrina takes the time to get to know you and how to best represent you.  Knowing that Sabrina is in my corner has helped me to relax and focus on other aspects of my career because the social networking aspect is in the most capable hands of Ms. Espinal.”

Christine Nagy
Lite FM Morning Show on iHeart Radio
Instagram: thechristinenagy


WordPress Websites

Vintage is beautiful.
Unless it's on your website.
Creating beautiful and affordable WordPress websites.

Take a look, we're not for everyone

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It’s All Social

I believe that you have more than 15 minutes of fame.

You have a story to tell and I want to help you spread your message with Social Media on your social networks and website. At Sabrina&Company Marketing, I believe that you are a leader in your field and I’ll do everything possible to showcase your genius and build your authority.

It’s all social to me.

Make An Impression.